• Concierge

    Professional services at your convenience.
  • Limousine Service

    Our limousine service sole purpose is to provide on-time and superior services to give you a unique transportation experience.
  • High Limit Area

    Come to the RIO casino 2nd floor high limit gaming area and experience the grandeur that RIO casino has to offer.
  • Man Li Jewelry

    Be dazzled by the luxury timepieces and jewelry that Man Li jewelry store has in store.
  • Level 1/F Dining

    Comfortable and casual whole day dining area with carefully prepared dishes
  • Level 2/F Bar

    The RIO casino bar is a favorite place to have a drink and conversation with your friends.
  • Chi Fat

  • Chun Po

2 exceptional VIP rooms that offers guests that wish to elevate their gaming experience to a whole new level

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